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Eastpointe, Michigan 48021


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Alice Pace
Robert Pacilio Class of 1976
Valerie Page
Richard Page Class of 2007
Robert Pagel Class of 1993
Stephen Pagonas Class of 1974
Sarah Painter Class of 2003
Pam Pairanella Class of 1990
Sherri Palazolla Class of 1975
Linda Palazollo
Jason Palazollo Class of 1992
Linda Palazzola
Jason Palazzola Class of 1992
Annette Palazzolo Class of 1974
James Palermo Class of 1969
Dave Palizollo
Linda Pallazolo
James Palmer Class of 1959
Mildred Pangman Class of 1936
Fernanda Paniccia Class of 1974
Kim Panick Class of 1984
Trina Paradis
Joseph Parchert Class of 2010
Joe Parchert Class of 2007
Tom Pare
Jason Parent
Matthew Parenteau Class of 1981
Phyllis Parker Class of 1966
Jalen Parker Class of 2014
Diane Parmentier Class of 1974
Nicole Parmentier
Larry Parrish
Linnie Parrott Class of 1958
Joan Partie Class of 1964
Joan Partie Wilhelm Class of 1964
Paul Passeiggito Class of 1965
Kathleen Pastorelli Class of 1976
Sam Pat Class of 1989
Nancy Saari Patera Class of 1967
Albert Paternoster
Kelly Patrica
Gail Patridge Class of 1979
Dennis Patterson Class of 1968
Karen Patyi (kight) Class of 1980
Keith Paul Class of 1979
Curtis Paulisin
Richard Pavlak Class of 1979
Karen Pawlak
Lucille Payne Class of 1947
David Pearson
Linda Peck Class of 1972
Ray Pedri Class of 1982
Brian Pefley
Karen Pelione Class of 1970
Marie Pelione Class of 1966
Tracey Peltier
David Penn Class of 1971
Ronald Penna Class of 1981
Cassi Pennington Class of 1992
Geraldine Penovich Class of 1956
Pat Penzien Class of 1954
Joe Peppers Class of 1971
Bob Peri Class of 1970
Sue Perrin Class of 1963
Ron Perron Class of 2000
David Perry Class of 1974
Roy Peshek Class of 1962
Norm Petersimes Class of 1993
Jennifer Peterson Class of 2009
Marlene Petitta Class of 1968
Carol Petrelli Class of 1973
Keith Petrimoulx Class of 1976
Dan Petroski Class of 1978
Michelle Pfahlert Class of 1990
Pamela Pfeiffer Class of 1983
Joann Pfuhl Class of 1974
Teresa Phelps Class of 1977
Patricia Phelps Class of 1956
Jennifer Phiche Class of 1976
Aaron Phillips Class of 1967
Eric Phillips Class of 1988
Kurt Phillips Class of 1983
Peggy Phillips (Schreck) Class of 1966
Bianchi Phyllis Class of 1970
Melissa Pi Class of 2005
Cindy Piatt Class of 1973
Ann Marie Piazza Class of 1976
Laura Pic
Eugene Picard Class of 1957
Beverly Pickel (Hughes) Class of 1962
Tanya Pierce Class of 1997
Richard Pierce Class of 1972
Adam Pierce Class of 1998
Kelly Pietras
Louise Pietrzyk Class of 2002
Linda Pike Class of 1969
Mikel Pilkey Class of 1989
Edward Pilkey
Tom Pilkey Class of 1968
Jeanette Pillon
Audrey Pinder
Gary Piontkowski Class of 1975
Charles Pipp Class of 2005
Pam Pistorio Class of 1974
Willie Pitchford Class of 2013
David Pittel Class of 1965
Mark Pitts Class of 1966
Chris Pizzo
Carol Pletz Class of 1961
John Plevin Class of 1962
Carol Plietz Class of 1961
Jeremy Ploeg
Dorothy Pobanz Class of 1954
Michael Pode Class of 1970
Michael Pohl
Shirley Pokropowicz Class of 1987
Daniel Pokropowicz Class of 1980
Joe Polizzi
Matthew Pomicter
Pat Pompi Class of 1969
Linda Pompi
Cheryl Pon
Bill Poore Class of 1961
William Poore Class of 1961
Steve Poore Class of 1995
Kathleen Poplawski Class of 1974
Vito Porta Class of 1959
Linda Post Class of 1972
Patricia Potasky Class of 1974
Janet Potesky
Emmanuel Powell
Allantae Powell
Dawn Praski
Brian Pratton
Jason Pravettone
Christian Pravettone Class of 1995
Tammy Premeau Class of 1989
Archie Price Class of 1966
Russell Price Class of 1983
Barbara Price Class of 1966
Arch Price Class of 1966
Leslie Connolly Pringle Class of 1978
Richard Proctor Class of 1970
Janet Prokopowicz Class of 1980
Judy Prosser Class of 1961
Dale Provencher Class of 1973
Kevin Pruett Class of 1987
Mike Pruett Class of 1971
Pauline Pryjmac Class of 1968
Charlene Przybela
Phillip Przybyla Class of 1977
Geralyn Przybylowicz (Salerno) Class of 1979
Nicole Pubrat Class of 1982
Pamela Pugliese (Grey) Class of 1982
Diane Pulitowski Class of 1976
Antonya Pullen
Mark Purcell Class of 1981
Hazen Purey
Cathy Purleski Class of 1984
Katheleen Puruleski
Laura Putty
Karen Putty Class of 1983
Judy Pyykkonen Class of 1968

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